Approved Trade Source Systems

Submitting your index or single name CDS trade for clearing could not be simpler at CDSClear.

Whether you’re clearing a newly executed transaction or entering an existing trade into clearing through backloading, CDSClear makes managing your cleared portfolio easy.

  • New trades: CDSClear sources new trades from major interdealer brokers and off-SEF execution platforms

  Product type supported Clearing Activity
Execution Venues Index Single Name Inter-Dealer Clearing Client Clearing
DealerWeb Y Y Via MarkitWire* N/A
GFI Y Y Via MarkitWire* X
BGC Y Y Via MarkitWire* X
Tullett Prebon Y Y Via MarkitWire* X
TradeWeb Y Y Via Markitwire & Direct (ClearLink API) Via Markitwire & Direct (ClearLink API)
Creditex Y Y Via MarkitWire/other e-gateways N/A
Bloomberg Y Y Via Markitwire & Direct (ClearLink API) Via Markitwire & Direct (ClearLink API)
ICAP Y Y Via Markitwire X
Sunrise Broker Y Y Via Markitwire* X


  • Backloaded trades: Bilateral trades reported at DTCC can be backloaded through a weekly process (interdealer trades only) or a daily process
  • Effective reporting and monitoring: trade statuses are fed back in real-time to Clearing Members through the LCH Clearlink API which offers real-time messaging and reports
  • Reporting cleared trades with trade repositories: Cleared trades are registered in DTCC’s Trade Information Warehouse and reported to the CFTC via DTCC’s Global Trade Repository in the US. CDSClear reports its trade legs to the European regulators via UnaVista in Europe