LCH EnClear® Fees


Freight Forward Agreements (FFAs):

CPT, CTC, PTC, STC, SPT $8 per lot
CPO, CTO, PTO, STO, SPO $8 per lot
HTC, HTO $6 per lot
C3E $9 per lot
C4E $6 per lot
C5E $5 per lot
C7E $6 per lot
P1A, P2A, P3A, P1E, P2E, P3E, P2O $9 per lot

A reduction of 50% is applicable to all FFA futures and options fees until further notice

No cash settlement fees are charged for any LCH EnClear contracts.
No option exercise fees are charged.


In addition, the following discounts will be applied to client accounts:

Incremental monthly client volumes Discounts on headline rates
From 0-1499 lots na 
From 1500-2499 lots 15%
From 2500-4999 lots 30%
From 5000-7499 lots 40%
From 7500-9999 lots 50%
From 10000-14999 lots 75%
From 15000-19999 lots 85%
From 20000-24999 lots 90%
Over 25000 lots 95%