Equiduct Trading provides a MiFID compliant, integrated pan-European single point of connectivity for trading services through the Regulated Market operated by Börse Berlin.

LCH offers clearing services to Equiduct across a range of UK and Italian securities for LCH Ltd and across European securities on Belgian, Dutch, Portuguese and French markets for LCH SA.  Equiduct users have the ability to clear their business dependent on the geographical segment where the instrument is traded.

LCH Ltd offers clearing services to Equiduct through its EquityClear® service, whereby Clearing Members benefit from margin offsets and collateral efficiencies from centralised clearing. Members also benefit from clearing cost reductions when any new cleared volumes are added to existing EquityClear business.

LCH SA offers Equiduct members all the advantages of a CCP by reducing counterparty risk exposure and benefiting from multilateral netting. Furthermore, LCH members benefit from substantial economies linked with offsetting at risk and settlement levels between Equiduct and NYSE Euronext's markets and from increased business opportunities with limited impacts on organisation.

For further information relating to products and services Equiduct offer please access their website: http://www.equiduct.com/