How It Works

LCH.Clearnet Ltd

Clearing operates through the EquityClear Clearing Platform (ECP). Registration of matched transactions presented to LCH.Clearnet occurs intraday on a real time basis.

The EquityClear Clearing Platform is open for the registration of trades between 7.00 hrs and 17.15 hrs London time.

On receipt and confirmation of eligible transactions into the EquityClear Clearing Platform, trades are governed under the rules of the LCH.Clearnet Ltd rulebook.

Initial margin rate levels are reviewed periodically by LCH.Clearnet to reflect inherent market volatility. For Equities with adequate historic time series the most recent 252 closing prices are used to determine the price volatility. If there is insufficient price history then a flat rate is applied. These rates are usually aligned with the sector volatility and are updated on a quarterly basis.

Members of EquityClear are eligible to clear products subject to approval.