SIGMA X MTF Extends EquityClear Venue Leadership

Goldman Sachs’ multilateral trading facility, SIGMA X MTF, is the latest platform to connect to EquityClear.  Now with 20 exchanges and execution venues, we continue to strengthen our position as the fastest-growing equity clearing service in Europe. That’s good news for our members, providing them with not only more flexibility and choice, but the opportunity to generate even greater capital and operational efficiencies.

Why is this important? By consolidating your business at LCH, where we are integrated with more pools of equity liquidity than any other clearing house, we bring you:

  • Greater netting opportunities
  • Optimised risk management
  • Greater operational efficiencies
  • Lower fees through economies of scale

These advantages are a direct result of our continued commitment to Open Access, and one key reason why cleared volumes at EquityClear have grown by more than 49% year-on-year to the end of July 2016.

As Cécile Nagel, global head of equities and commodities at LCH, puts it, “Open access continues to be at the heart of LCH’s business. By having the broadest venue coverage in Europe, clearing members can consolidate activity into LCH and realise further cost, risk and operational efficiencies.  We’re focused on the customer experience and are committed to initiatives such as these, which make the clearing process simpler and more efficient.”

EquityClear will continue to work closely with market participants to extend the advantages that we offer our members and clients.

LCH. The Markets’ Partner.