The non-deliverable currencies that LCH Ltd currently clears are:

                      Currency 1                                    Currency 2  Tenors
Brazil Brazilian real (BRL) USA US Dollar (USD) Minimum - 2 business days
Maximum - 2 years + 2 open
business days
Chile Chilean peso (CLP)   
China Chinese yuan (CNY)
Colombia Colombian peso (COP)   
India  Indian rupee (INR)
Indonesia  Indonesian rupiah (IDR) 
South Korea Korean won (KRW)
Malaysia Malaysian ringgit (MYR)
Peru Peruvian sol (PEN)
Philippines Philippines peso (PHP)
Russia  Russian ruble (RUB)
Taiwan  Taiwanese dollar (TWD)
ForexClear subscribes to SwapsMonitor Publications, Inc to determine holidays on the calendars which impact NDF trade eligibility, and requests its Members to do the same. There are some notable exceptions that Members should be aware of, which are listed below.

1) ForexClear does not recognise any Saturday or Sunday as a good day. Any trades received for fixing or settlement on such a day will be rejected.

2) The Mumbai holiday calendar, which is used to determine the eligibility of USD/INR NDF trades, is only followed for the current calendar year, until we receive confirmation of the final publication of holidays for the following year, which typically occurs in December. Until this time, any holidays outside of the year in question will be disregarded by ForexClear, as these dates are subject to change by the Indian State of Maharashtra.