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SwapClear's leadership in interest rate swap clearing has been built over more than a decade with the support of the world's most influential clearing members. We've earned the trust of the industry during this time by delivering an unmatched level of business efficiency, access to the deepest pool of liquidity, and a risk management heritage fortified through real-world default experience. SwapClear is the only interest rate derivative clearing service to be backed by the safety, security, and reliability of the world's leading clearing house group, LCH Ltd.

But don't take our word for it. The numbers speak for themselves. More than 93% of all cleared interest rate swaps are cleared using SwapClear, and we clear more than 80% of all client-cleared interest rate swaps.

Want more reasons why SwapClear remains the clear leader in interest rate swap clearing? Here are a few:

Experience Liquidity Efficiency

LCH Ltd is the only clearing house to have successfully handled a significant OTC swaps default. But our experience is much deeper than just default management. Our rich history in the swaps market has enabled us to continually refine our approach to risk management, hone our margin methodologies, and continually deliver best practices for the industry. Our significant market share and impressive throughput have also enabled us to fine-tune and stress-test our processes across a range of products and geographies.

SwapClear provides market participants a breadth of liquidity that covers 95% of the plain vanilla IRS market, across 18 currencies including inflation, in tenors up to 51 years.  We manage interest rate risk from 106 members and 198 clients and as a consequence of this SwapClear has achieved significant levels of flow that has resulted in record levels of cleared swaps, notional cleared and notional compressed.   In most of the G10 currencies SwapClear clears more than 75% of the cleared market. A global single liquidity pool offers participants a greater number of counterparties to trade with, and more diversification of risk.

SwapClear has saved hundreds of millions of dollars for its members and clients through real efficiencies – more than all other swap clearing services combined. The portfolio netting opportunities we deliver are achieved through sharper execution prices and better portfolio margining opportunities, enabling clients to offset more risk, reduce costs and lower collateral requirements. We're also the only clearing service to provide real-time collateral and risk management.

*Data as of 4/30/2017

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