Approved Compression Service Providers

SwapClear can receive and process valid compression proposals created by Approved Compression Service Providers (as defined in the applicable LCH rulebook).
Below is a list of the Approved Compression Service Providers for SwapClear:
 - TriOptima AB

 - Quantile Technologies Limited

The initial steps in becoming an Approved Compression Service Provider (ACSP) require LCH to review and agree that the potential ACSP will meet the following criteria:

  • Meets the definition of SwapClear compression services as per LCH rulebook
  • Potential ACSP has robust legal framework under which to provide such compression service
  • Potential ACSP can demonstrate robust controls and operational capability
  • LCH can operationally support the proposed compression service  
  • Potential ACSP has written confirmation of commitment from at least six SwapClear members to use their services
  • Potential ACSP can demonstrate successful testing of its services with a number of potential participants