What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small file or piece of information that we transfer to your computer via your Web browser in order to enable our systems to recognise your browser.

How does this Website use Cookies?
We use cookies so that we can recognise your browser when you visit our website, to give us information on which parts of our site you use, and to remember any choices you might make while using the site.

We also use cookies for additional purposes, including:

  • Identifying you when you sign-in to any secured part of our site. This allows us to store your login credentials, and to remember any application settings you may define.
  • Tracking the use of our web sites, for the purpose of improving our service offering to you.
  • Improving security.

You can view and change the types of cookies that we may use using our cookie settings page.

Please note that restricting some types of cookies may restrict or disable some functionality on this website.

What sort of Cookies does this Website use?

Strictly Necessary Cookies
This cookie is essential to the operation of the website - for example, allowing you to log in to a secure area. It will never be used to gather any information about you or your browser to remember where you've visited, or that will be used for marketing or advertising purposes.
This type of cookie is essential to the performance or our site, and therefore cannot be disabled.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Name Summary Expiration This cookie remembers which web server you're using on our website. It ensures the fastest performance as you browse the site. At the end of your browser session
secureareatoken This cookie contains your session id if you log into our secure area. At the end of your browser session
cookiesettings This cookie remembers the choices you make using the Cookie Settings page. It ensures that you don't receive cookies you have asked not to be sent. 20 years

Performance Cookies

This cookie is intended to enhance the performance of the website. It may record errors that you encounter while using the site, and help to track which parts of the site you visit. All information is anonymous, and cannot be used to identify you individually. In addition, this cookie is not used for marketing or advertising.

Disabling this type of cookie will mean that we can't monitor the performance of our website, and might hinder our ability to resolve errors and make enhancements to the site.

Performance Cookies

Name Summary Expiration - __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz These cookies are set by Google Analytics, and are used by us to track visitors to our website - to find out which areas are most popular, and how many visitors we have received. Up to 2 years

Functionality Cookies
This cookie allows the site to remember choices or preferences that you might make - for example, your name, preferred language or culture - and to use these choices to enhance the functionality available to you while using the site.

Disabling this type of cookie will mean that we won't be able to remember these type of choices, or to personalise the site to your preferences.

Functionality Cookies

Name Summary Expiration
None at present    

Targeting Cookies

This cookie is used to measure and track marketing and advertising, and to tailor this to your interests. It helps marketers to measure the success of campaigns, and to limit the number of times that you see any advert. It helps to remember which websites you have visited, and this information may be available to advertising organisations. It does not, in general, track or store any personally identifiable information.

As we may use different tracking and advertising solutions from time-to-time, it is not practical to show a table of all the cookies that you may see in this category.

Disabling this type of cookie may mean that you see certain adverts more frequently, and that these adverts may be less relevant to your interests. This will not, however, affect the operation of this website.

Please note: over time we may change the cookies that we use. Please check this page regularly in order to be kept up-to-date.