Collateral Preferences

LCH provides clearing members with the opportunity to configure a number of collateral preferences. These preferences allow members to tailor their collateral setup supporting individual collateral business models.

These preferences consist of three categories of configuration:

1.  Banking Preferences

  • Currency Utilisation

The order with which end of day (EOD) cash balances held with LCH are used when covering the EOD margin

  • End of Day Margin Call Currency

The currency in which EOD IM margin calls are generated

  • Auto-repay

Whether any excess funds calculated as part of the EOD are automatically repaid

  • PPS Aggregation

Whether swift messages are aggregated reducing swift traffic costs

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The Banking Preferences can all be configured by populating and returning the Banking Preferences Form. This form is located within the downloads section to the right of this page.

2.    ITD Preferred Call Currency
Allows clearing members to choose the currency which ITD margin calls are generated.
Click here for the ‘Preferred Currency LTD’ online form (also available beneath the Acceptable Collateral link on the left hand side of the web page).

3.    ITD Email Notification
Allows clearing members to add a group email address which is notified in the event of an ITD margin call.

The ITD Email Notification address can be added/updated by populating and returning the ITD Email Nomination Notification Form. This form is located within the downloads section on the right hand side of the web page.