What We Clear

Cash bonds and repo products eligible for clearing at RepoClear

Our Cleared Products

Cash Bonds

RepoClear SA clears cash bond trades of bonds issued by any of the following governments:

- France (including quasi government CADES)

- Italy

- Spain

- Germany (including pfandbriefe and regional government bonds)

- Belgium

- Austria

- Finland

- Ireland

- The Netherlands

- Portugal

- Slovakia

- Slovenia

- Supranational (EIB)


Initial Settlement: from trade date +1 to any future settlement date.

Repo Trades

We clear repo trades on all debt securities listed above.

Repo trades have the following characteristics:

- Type: classic repo excluding the Spanish market (Buy and Sell back)

- Repo rate : fixed for all countries but France where the rate can also be variable.

Initial Settlement:  From trade date (same-day repo) to any future settlement date (forward start repo).

Return Settlement: From trade date +1 to any future settlement date.