Communicating with LCH

A secure and efficient way to communicate with LCH

“Taskize has the potential to revolutionise communications between LCH and its clients, providing an excellent alternative to email. It’s safer, more efficient and gives us easy access to data that will allow us to provide our clients with a superior level of service”.

Mike Jones,  Head of Securities Clearing Operations, LCH Ltd


Taskize is a web based problem management and resolution tool that LCH Ltd (LCH) is introducing to its EquityClear and RepoClear client facing teams to allow clearing members to communicate with LCH in a more secure and efficient way.   Reducing email traffic and improving security has become a huge focus for firms across the globe and LCH is collaborating with other market leaders to implement an alternative to email.     

The use of Taskize will provide clearing members with improved response times and a heightened level of service.   LCH is offering clearing member’s access to Taskize free of charge.

Benefits of Taskize
  • New and efficient communication tool that is easy to use
  • Smart automated routing that allows clients to be directed to the right subject matter expert(s) first time
  • Provides more control and transparency during query handling
  • Provides instant support during operational hours
  • Promotes faster resolution to your operational needs
  • Applies best practice security to protect information and privacy of financial clients
  • Meets reporting obligations by providing full trait and audit information of the resolution flows
  • Reduces email traffic and the risks associated with emails (e.g. proliferation, spam, phishing) 
Getting started

As LCH clearing members, all you need to do is complete and return the enrolment form to LCH. After that, the Taskize Customer Success team will be in touch to guide you through the simple activation process, including training.

Self-training materials and videos will be made available by Taskize. In addition, Users can book and attend webinar sessions. There are a selection of times to choose and you can ask questions.

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