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LCH achieves a record year for volumes in 2018
07 January 2019
Continued growth across services at both LCH Ltd and LCH SA Increased activity driven by new customers and additional flows from existing customers Over $1 quadrillion in notional cleared at SwapClear in 2018; $773 trillion notional compressed CDSClear, EquityClear, ForexClear and RepoClear also reported record volumes
ForexClear compresses $4.5 billion of cleared notional
27 November 2018
Citi and Standard Chartered Bank among first clearing members to actively use ForexClear’s compression service Compression enables members and their clients to improve capital and operational efficiency by reducing notional outstanding  
LCH SwapAgent completes its first swaption trade
15 November 2018
Deutsche Bank and Nomura are counterparties to the first swaptions trades processed through LCH SwapAgent Trades were brokered by ICAP as interdealer broker LCH SwapAgent offers standardised infrastructure and efficiencies to the non-cleared derivatives market
LCH receives licence to clear FX NDFs in Japan
14 November 2018
Japanese Financial Services Agency approves LCH Ltd to clear FX Non-Deliverable Forwards for Japanese banks and clients Builds on existing LCH licence to clear non-Yen OTC interest rate derivatives Underlines LCH’s continued commitment to the Japanese market
LCH clears first SOFR swaps
18 July 2018
LCH becomes first clearing house to offer clearing of U.S. Dollar interest rate swaps benchmarked to the new reference rate This underlines LCH’s support of global rates reform driven by market participants and regulators Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and J.P.Morgan among the first participants to clear SOFR swaps