What We Clear

The baskets of eligible debt securities acceptable for clearing at €GCPlus

Our Cleared Products

€GCPlus, is LCH's General Collateral clearing service. €GCPlus enables our Clearing Members to access and clear secured Euro cash funding through two baskets of ECB eligible collateral debt securities.

  • Basket 1: based on European Central Bank (ECB) High Quality Liquid Assets which support Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) principles
  • Basket 2: covers an extended spectrum of ECB eligible securities

Once your basket trade is settled at Euroclear Bank, Clearing Members enjoy automated collateral management (provided by Euroclear) while still handing you complete control over collateral re-use within Autoselect.

€GCPlus Product Features

  • Repo Rate: Fixed
  • Maximum Term: 2 Years
  • Minimum Term: Same day
  • Start Date: Same Day(Min) to 30 Days(Max)
  • Repo Rate: Accrual Convention Exact/360
  • Repo Interest: Paid Return Date
  • Minimum Contract Size: €1 Million
  • Order Books: Broker Tec, MTS, tpREPO
  • Trade Matching: ETCMS
€GCPlus Baskets

Looking for information on whether a given debt security is eligible for inclusion in one of the €GCPlus Baskets and acceptable for clearing? View €GCPlus list of eligible securities