EUR Markets

Extension of clearing services to additional 8 Euro markets

As of 15 January 2019 and subject to regulatory approval, RepoClear SA will extend its clearing services to additional Euro markets, namely:

  • Austrian, Dutch, Finnish, Irish, Portuguese, Slovakian, Slovenian debts and Supranationals.


The cleared activity on these 8 euro debts will settle in ICSDs exclusively, namely Clearstream Banking Luxemburg (CBL) and Euroclear Bank (EB).

Please note that settlement options may be extended to include both Clearstream Frankfurt and Euroclear France subject to the availability of the necessary facilities within these investor CSDs.


Multi settlement facility

As of 10 December 2018, RepoClear SA will offer a multi settlement facility.

The German debt will be the first euro debt cleared at Repoclear SA to benefit from this new flexibility in December 2018.

Clearing members will have the possibility to choose between:

  • an ICSD settlement: Clearstream Banking Luxemburg (CBL) and Euroclear Bank (EB) or
  • a T2S settlement: Clearstream Banking Frankfurt (CBF) and Euroclear France (EF).


The launch of these additional products and services is aimed at building greater opportunities for members through utilisation of a single CCP entity:

  • Greater balance sheet netting opportunities and enhanced intra-day liquidity possibilities.
  • Single CCP connection and infrastructure for those trading Euro Debts.
  • Potential for country offsets creating IM reduction.


Members are encouraged to ensure that they have completed on-boarding for all markets.


Settlement Location Market LCH Go live
Euroclear Bank
Clearstream Banking Luxembourg
Germany Test : 21 November 2018
Production : 10 December 2018
Austria Test : 10 December 2018
Production : 15 January 2019

Please contact: with any questions.