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Welcome to LCH. We are a leading Rates and multi-asset clearing house that provides proven risk management capabilities across a range of asset classes, including OTC and listed Interest Rates, Fixed Income, FX, CDS, Equities, and Commodities. 

As a clearing house, we stand as a central counterparty (CCP), acting as a buyer to every seller and a seller to every buyer. Put simply, we make financial markets safer.

It’s not only the breadth of our product offering that sets us apart from our competitors, it’s also our commitment to working with our members, partnering to develop the services and tools you need to make your business more efficient and to make financial markets safer for us all. 

Our passion for and dedication to providing the highest standard of risk management are manifest in everything we do at LCH.

You can see it in our innovative compression tools and in solutions such as LCH Spider, our automated portfolio margining service, which delivers greater capital efficiencies for our members; and LCH SwapAgent, which extends many of the benefits of clearing to the bilateral market, simplifying the processing, margining and settlement of non-cleared OTC derivatives. You can also read it in our thought leadership on the most pressing issues facing our industry, such as standardised clearing house stress testing and CCP recovery and resolution.

As the markets’ partner, LCH operates an open access model, offering a range of execution venues and delivering unprecedented choice and efficiencies to the marketplace.

Below, you can learn more about the asset classes we clear and the trading venues and settlement providers we partner with.

Robust Risk Management

LCH offers clearing services to members and clients across the globe. This means that our clearing offering has to abide by the regulatory requirements established by financial supervisors in multiple jurisdictions.

While any eligible party is welcome to clear at LCH, members can rest assured that our membership criteria ensures  a high and  stringent level of risk management is required of all participants.

This gives our customers the best of both worlds: a large and diversified clearing community, balanced against robust risk management standards. We take our risk management role seriously, and are proud of the standards we adhered to.

Global Reach

Our multi-asset offering and world-class risk management capabilities have positioned LCH as a leading multinational central counterparty. With our global reach, we work closely with our members and client base from across the world to deliver robust risk management solutions for existing and new international markets.

Open Access at LCH

LCH is committed to opening the benefits of central clearing to the entire market. Here’s why.

At LCH we are passionate about broadening access to central clearing. By doing so, we aim to reduce market risk, while making the portfolios of individual members and clients more efficient from a capital and margin perspective.

That’s why we believe that market participants should be able to clear all eligible trades, regardless of the venue traded on. We refer to this approach as open access.

Giving clients the choice of where to trade and clear their products brings economic benefits, as well as greater transparency and safety to all market participants. In particular, open access allow users to consolidate equity positions across trading platforms and offset listed derivatives executed on one platform against OTC positions entered at another. We believe this can only help to drive innovation, lower clearing costs and provide improved service standards for all users.

Our Corporate Objectives

To provide market leading risk management and clearing solutions.

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To manage our members’ and clients’ risk by providing effective and efficient clearing services.

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To promote a safe and stable financial market foremost in all that we do.

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