EquityClear SA

EquityClear SA is LCH’s France-based clearing service for cash equities, cash equity equivalents (bonds and warrants) & listed derivatives.

Welcome to EquityClear SA

EquityClear SA provides clearing services for cash equities, cash equity equivalents (bonds and warrants) & listed derivatives. We operate an extensive European clearing network with connectivity to multiple primary exchanges and execution venues as well as direct links to multiple Central Securities Depositories (CSDs). In the pan-European settlement system Target-2-securities we are a Directly Connected Participant (DCP) and we settle the Euro cash amounts through our own central bank account at the Banque de France.

Among the trading venues we partner with is Euronext, Europe’s largest stock exchange group.


By the Numbers

Considering EquityClear SA for your clearing needs? Here are a few fast facts:

  • Over 15 years’ experience clearing cash equities and equity derivatives in Europe
  • Direct connectivity to the largest and leading exchanges and trading venues in Europe
  • 20 currencies currently cleared at EquityClear SA
  • Competitive settlement costs thanks to our DCP status
Our Trading Venues

EquityClear SA has partnered with some of Europe’s leading exchanges and execution venues, enabling members and their clients to centrally clear thousands of traded instruments across asset classes – from single company stocks to real estate investment trusts to covered bonds or listed derivatives.


EquityClear SA clears for the following leading exchanges and trading venues. Multiple subsidiaries, market segments and trade feeds are cleared for several of these.

  • Aquis FR
  • CBOE Europe UK
  • CBOE Europe EU
  • Equiduct
  • Euronext Amsterdam
  • Euronext Brussels
  • Euronext Dublin
  • Euronext Lisbon
  • Euronext Oslo
  • Euronext Paris
  • Luxemburg Stock Exchange (Bourse de Luxembourg)
  • Turquoise Europe
  • Turquoise UK


Trading Venues detailed in the ‘What We Clear’ section

Risk Management

EquityClear SA places robust risk management and the protection of our members and their clients at the centre of everything we do:

  • Best-in-class collateral management protects your positions
  • Customer protection and segregation options allow you to determine the level of protection your collateral receives
  • Default management waterfall resolves member failures without impacting surviving members
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EquityClear SA is LCH’s France-based clearing service for cash equities and cash equity equivalents

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