Partnering with Europe’s equity execution venues

Welcome to EquityClear

EquityClear provides clearing for cash equities, cash equities equivalents and equity derivative products, enabling members and their clients to clear equity instruments transacted on exchanges and trading venues located throughout Europe.

In addition to cash equities or equity derivatives, members may clear Certificates, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Warrants.

When you clear your trades at EquityClear, you benefit from world-class risk management.

Below, you can learn more about our two EquityClear clearing services at LCH Ltd and LCH SA. 

EquityClear Ltd

EquityClear Ltd is LCH’s UK-based equities clearing service.

At EquityClear Ltd, members can clear cash equities and cash equities equivalents transacted on some of Europe’s leading exchanges and execution platforms, including the London Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. In addition, members can clear a range of cash equity equivalent products.

EquityClear SA

EquityClear SA is LCH’s France-based equities clearing service.

At EquityClear SA, members and their clients can clear cash equities, cash equity equivalents (bonds and warrants) & listed derivatives transacted on some of the most liquid stock exchanges in Europe, including Cboe, Euronext and Turquoise.

Why EquityClear?

When our members use EquityClear, they access the gold standard in European equities clearing. Not only do they benefit from LCH’s stringent risk management processes, their trades are collateralised under the Equity Risk Analysis (ERA) margin methodology, leading to greater capital efficiencies for their portfolios.

When you add in our broad membership base, flexible netting and settlement options, complete control over the segregation of positions, post-trade anonymity and more than 20 years of clearing experience, you can see why EquityClear is Europe’s preferred choice for its equities clearing needs. 

Latest Thinking

Looking to learn more about developments in the ever-evolving European equities markets? You’ve come to the right place.

Below you can find a selection of our most recent thought leadership pieces, industry research and service enhancements developed by the EquityClear team.


Equity Risk Analysis (ERA)

ERA is EquityClear Ltd’s unique algorithm for calculating both initial and variation margin, designed to spot offset opportunities across all your EquityClear Ltd positions all the while retaining the benefits of a steady and stable margin level, leading to enhanced capital efficiencies while still maintaining the most stringent risk management standards.

EquityClear – Our Story

We build on the heritage of more than a century of prudent risk management at LCH to deliver the safest and most efficient clearing of European cash equity securities and equity derivatives.

With service hubs based in London (LCH Ltd) and Paris (LCH SA), we have a unique industry perspective. This strong regional experience, proven expertise and a commitment to risk management enables us to ensure our members’ safety. We continually review and enhance our tools and processes, ensuring we set and maintain best practices for the industry. This is why we’ve successfully managed more default situations than any other clearing house globally.

When you clear with us, you clear with confidence.