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CDSClear launches Electronic Exercise Platform for cleared Credit Index Options

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Electronic Exercise Platform (EEP) for cleared Credit Index Options, with the industry’s first electronic exercise successfully processed on expiry day, 21st November.

The new platform reduces operational risk and provides ease of access by enabling both members and clients to:

  •  Perform secure, anonymous capture of CDS Index Options exercise decisions
  •  Manage their notifications in real time
  •  Automate the exercise and monitoring of cleared CDS Index Options (via browser and API)

The launch of EEP is the culmination of a successful year for CDSClear, which saw new clearing members and clients added to the service. It highlights CDSClear’s leadership in risk management and proven innovation capabilities, and demonstrates LCH’s commitment to the credit market and needs of its clients.

CDSClear remains the only CCP worldwide clearing Credit Index Options (iTraxx), with initial margin reductions of up to 95% for delta-hedged packages and a planned expansion to clear CDX Options by the end of Q3 2019*.

For a demo of EEP or further information on clearing Credit Index Options at LCH, please contact

*Subject to regulatory approval.