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ForexClear - A Global Leader

Download our factsheet to find out which FX products we clear, the capital and margin benefits of clearing with ForexClear, and how our members and their clients are driving growth in clearing volumes.


ForexClear Monthly Highlights

Download our monthly dashboard to find out how the ForexClear service has performed over the last month.


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Download historic ForexClear dashboards, factsheets and articles using the filter tool on the LCH contents hub.


Press Releases

Read the latest ForexClear press releases using the filter tool on the LCH press releases page.


Clearing Non-Deliverable FX Options 

 LCH has launched clearing for Non-deliverable Options, enabling members to reduce margin and capital costs across their entire FX portfolio. Download our factsheet to find out more.


Rules and Regulations: End User Notice

This notice sets out the relationship between clients clearing trades at ForexClear through a clearing member and clarifies the types of collateral accounts open to clients.


Rules and Regulations: Section 2I - ForexClear

These clearing house procedures state the basic service terms and present information on the operation of the ForexClear clearing service.


Matcher/Trading Venue Joint Operating Procedures Summary

This document outlines the joint operating procedures that must be in place between ForexClear and Matchers/Trading Venues in order to provide FX trades to LCH for clearing. 


Technical Requirements for Connecting to ForexClear

This document provides a high-level overview of LCH’s OTC clearing service direct connectivity protocol, ClearLink.


ForexClear Quick-Start Guide

This guide presents information on how ATS trading venues can connect with ForexClear in order to offer NDF clearing services to clients executing on the platform.


Onboarding Quick-Start Guide

A high-level overview of the requirements to start clearing OTC non-deliverable forwards and non-deliverable options at LCH ForexClear. 


End User Notices

Sub-Block Trading Venue Transaction – SwapClear and ForexClear

Trading Venue Fees

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