Creating capacity for banks and their clients through balance sheet netting

RepoClear LTD

RepoClear Ltd is LCH’s UK-registered cash bond and repo trade clearing service. Members can clear UK government bond and repo transactions, as well as UK gilt repo through our term £GC service.

RepoClear SA

RepoClear SA is LCH’s France registered cash bond and repo trade clearing service. Members can also clear cash bond and repo transactions on 13 Euro markets.


In today’s markets, the need for capital and operational efficiencies has never been greater. Netting responds to these demands by helping to optimize capital management and generate significant operational and cost benefits.

For over 16 years, RepoClear has harnessed its unparalleled depth of clearing liquidity to deliver these efficiencies along with peerless risk management from the world’s leading provider of interest-rate derivatives clearing services.

As we expand our clearing and netting of cash and repo products across Europe, multilateral netting through RepoClear will increasingly provide superior balance sheet, settlement and risk offsets to our 80-plus members across 14 government bond markets.


LCH’s triparty basket repo clearing service enables members to more efficiently manage their euro cash liquidity, while allowing clients to pool highly-rated sovereign and agency general collateral trades with eligible investment-grade debt.