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On this page you can access pertinent information for each of the equities and exchanges and trading venues that clear through EquityClear SA.

In order to make the library more navigable, the information has been split up by execution venue, allowing Clearing Members to access all our resources for each trading platform in one centralised location.

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EquityClear Resources

About EquityClear

To view basic introduction to EquityClear and a broad overview of our service offering, please click here.

EquityClear SA: Real Time Confirmations

EquityClear SA provides members with the option to receive real time trade confirmations of transactions LCH has validated and registered for clearing. This document describes this service extension, the technical message specifications and the technical interface infrastructure.

European Short-Selling Regulation – FAQs

Looking for answers on the European Short Selling Regulation? Find them here

Interoperability FAQs

This short document explains the concept of CCP interoperability – the concept that a trading venue can allow multiple CCPs to offer clearing services to participants on their platform – and describes how CCPs work together in the event counterparties wish to clear at different clearing houses.

LCH SA Rulebook

The LCH SA Rulebook presents the detailed regulations that govern the operation of EquityClear SA. You can access the Rulebook here

European Short Selling Regulation Overview

This brief presentation provides a high-level overview of the European Short Selling Regulation. Find it here

Connecting to LCH SA

Connecting the LCH SA is a streamlined process. Below, you can find some educational links on our connectivity requirements

1. Connectivity Guide

2. Cash and Derivatives Clearing Systems

3. Financial Information: Cash Fees – Flat File Records Specification

Cash and Derivatives Clearing System Information

LCH SA provides its members with an international standard clearing system, benefiting from the following technical advantages :

  • single access to the LCH SA clearing services which allows subsequent margin offsets and cost reductions,
  • an open architecture offering greater opportunities for the automation of the back-office processes,
  • and a modular architecture which allows ongoing adaptations

LCH SA is offering market participants a global solution consisting of :

  • A common access to all markets served
  • Harmonization of clearing principles
  • And is adopting international standards in order to respond to the demand formulated by the financial community (particularly from global clearers working on multiple markets)
  • Harmonize systems on the financial markets

The Advantages of the Cash and Derivatives Clearing System  

  • An open architecture providing dialog between the members' internal computer systems and the clearing houses.
  • Real-time operation which enables market participants to better manage their positions and risks.
  • Detailed position keeping, allowing for balancing between unit accounts in the position keepers' books and those managed by the clearing house.

The Cash and Derivatives Clearing System can be used to perform the following clearing operations :

  • Postings and give-ups
  • Position keeping by account
  • Management of an account base (opening, modification, closure)
  • Actions on position (exercise, abandonment, assignments)
  • Adjustments (corrections, transfers, offsets)
  • Calculation of margins and premiums
  • Calculation of initial margins (SPAN® method)

Management of Non-Guaranteed Securities

Non-guaranteed trades benefit from a reduced CCP service offer which differs depending on the market. From a clearing and settlement point of view, the differences and similarities are outlined in this summary spreadsheet.


MMTP Protocol Overview and Business Application Messages

This document provides an overview of MMTP, Euronext's proprietary Market Message Transfer Protocol, which allows its customers to access and communicate to the EquityClear’s central clearing services via a system-to-system message API.

How it Works: Cash Markets

This short document outlines the trade management, position management and settlement management of cash equities trades cleared at EquityClear under Euroclear Stock Exchange Settlement (ESES).


Notice on non-guaranteed securities - Notice 2006-0109

Bourse de Luxembourg

Bourse de Luxembourg Service (BDL) Offering

This document presents an overview of BDL and EquityClear SA’s provision of clearing services to the platform.

Bourse de Luxembourg Securities List

This file contains the list of securities listed for trading at BDL that are eligible for clearing at EquityClear SA.