Increased trading efficiencies across credit derivative products in Europe and the US


LCH CDSClear’s volumes and market share have experienced rapid growth in recent years, reflecting the increasing adoption of a clearing service that truly meets the needs of our members and clients.

Part of LSEG Post Trade and built in partnership with the industry, CDSClear is the only CDS clearing house in Europe and the US that offers clearing for combined European and US indices and their constituent Single Names, providing users with opportunities to maximise netting and capital efficiencies through margin offsets.

The expansion of our clearing services to the US credit derivatives market provides reliable access to an established, single global pool of deep, cleared CDS liquidity for both US Futures Commission Merchant/Broker Dealer and EU clearing members.

Innovation is the cornerstone of CDSClear, which is why we were the first CCP to support the clearing of credit index options. In addition to enhanced asset protection and extensive opportunities for portfolio margining, CDSClear users benefit from risk-free compression, tailored backloading and rebalancing for all participants – all within a transparent framework.


When you clear with CDSClear, an LCH clearing service, you benefit from the years of experience and expertise that have established LCH as a leading provider of global clearing services across multiple asset classes. This allows CDSClear to focus on delivering unmatched capital and operational efficiencies, confident that its service is underpinned by a proven, robust and reliable risk management platform.

It’s this leadership in risk management and our proven willingness to innovate with unique products, such as Credit Index Options, that enables us to optimise clearing for participants while addressing any regulatory requirements.

So What Makes Us Different?

Industry Partnership

Proven commitment to working with members and their clients to continually enhance the service and drive greater efficiencies.

Product Breadth

Offering the broadest scope of credit derivatives eligible for clearing globally, including the ability to clear index basis packages across all eligible indices.

Risk Management

Netting benefits on European and US products in a single CCP, with cross-margining on indices and single names.

Choice of Clearing Model

With the expansion of our clearing services to the US, we provide a global solution for users, with the choice of clearing access via either EMIR-mandated segregated accounts or LSOC accounts.


Benefit from an attractive fee grid (see fee section for more information).

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