Increased trading efficiencies across credit derivative products

The Benefits of Partnership

CDSClear volumes and market share have been surging for more than 18 months, reflecting the growing popularity of a service that truly reflects the needs of both their members and clients.

Built in partnership with the industry, CDSClear is not only the fastest-growing CDS clearing service in the world, it is also the only European credit CCP which allows you to cross margin European and US products. By helping us build out our products, you are ensuring that CDSClear more effectively meets your daily clearing needs, whether you are a member or a client, whilst at the same time benefiting from LCH’s world class risk and default management solutions.

So what does that bring to you? With more products than any other clearing service, there are now even greater opportunities for capital efficiency through margin offsets. We also deliver enhanced asset protection and extensive opportunities for portfolio margining, as well as risk-free compression, tailored backloading and rebalancing for all participants – all within a transparent framework.

Why CDSClear?

When you clear with CDSClear, a Eurozone based clearing service of LCH, you benefit from the years of experience and expertise that established SwapClear as the world’s leading interest rate swap clearing service. This allows CDSClear to focus on delivering unmatched capital and operational efficiencies, confident that its service is underpinned by a proven, robust and reliable risk management platform.

It’s this leadership in risk management and our proven willingness to innovate with unique products such as Credit Index Options, that enables us to optimize clearing for participants while addressing all regulatory requirements.  


So What Makes Us Different?

Industry Partnership 

Proven commitment to working with members and their clients to continually enhance the service and drive greater efficiencies.

Product Breadth

The broadest European and US product coverage of any CCPs, including the largest number of single names, and all senior financial single names, including member’s names.

Risk Management

A unique risk framework captures the wrong way risk associated with clearing senior financial names, including clearing members. As a result, we are the only European CCP to clear all senior financials indices along with their single name constituents.

Risk-free Compression

Reduces both the number of trades that could be impacted by credit events and the associated capital and operational costs, along with the associated risk reduction.


Totally customized for clearing members and clients to optimize the volumes accepted and margins required on a daily or weekly basis.

Margin Rebalancing 

Our monthly portfolio margining service rebalances risk across the CCP and applies to all CDS products. Margin can be reduced by up to 20 percent.

Trusted Default Management 

Our loss attribution is based on a robust waterfall and risk neutralisation, with portfolios auctioned amongst surviving members.

Credit Index Option Clearing

CDSClear is global leader for Credit Index Options.

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