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CDSClear – About Our Service

This document presents a general introduction to CDSClear: what we do, what we clear, and the benefits our members enjoy by clearing their index and single name credit default swap (CDS) trades at our clearing service.

Credit Index Options Clearing

CDSClear is the only European CCP to clear both iTraxx and CDX Options, enabling members to reduce risk, while increasing efficiencies.

CDSClear Client Clearing

CDSClear provides access to the widest range of CDS products and the fastest-growing liquidity pool, enabling greater efficiencies.

CDSClear Rulebook

The CDS Clearing Rule Book is governed by French law, and sets out the general principles governing the rights and obligations between Clearing Members and LCH SA in the context of their CDS clearing activities (including, in particular, the default management process)

CDS Clearing Supplement

The CDS Clearing Supplement is governed by English law and sets out the economic terms of cleared transactions resulting from the novation of the original OTC CDS transactions between Clearing Members and LCH SA

FCM CDS Clearing Regulations

The FCM CDS Clearing Regulations set out the rules under the State of New York and the laws of the United States of America that govern clearing trades at CDSClear for FCM members.

LCH SA Connectivity Guide

The LCH SA Connectivity Guide contains all the information you need to know about how to connect with CDSClear and the connectivity options at your disposal.

EMIR Account Structures

CDSClear clearing members and their clients in the EU have access to several account segregation structures, handing you the power to choose the level of protection your cleared positions and posted margin receive.