Press Releases

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LCH SA receives regulatory approval to clear Bitcoin index derivatives
08 April 2024
LCH SA will provide clearing services through its new LCH DigitalAssetClear service for cash-settled Bitcoin index futures and options contracts traded on the UK-based digital asset derivatives trading venue, GFO-X. LCH DigitalAssetClear service will provide market participants with access to clearing of crypto derivatives in a regulated environment. Demonstrates LCH SA’s commitment to bringing the benefits of clearing to this growing asset class and expanding its services as a truly international clearing house.
LCH SwapAgent welcomes TD Securities as first Canadian bank member
20 February 2024
TD Securities is now live as a LCH SwapAgent member. 44 members from 12 countries registered more than $5.9 trillion in notional at LCH SwapAgent in 2023, with average daily volume (ADV) up 78% year-on-year. LCH SwapAgent’s services bring improved standardisation, efficiency and simplicity to the bilateral derivatives market.
LCH RepoClear SA launches its first €GCPlus green basket
22 January 2024
LCH RepoClear SA has launched a new €GCPlus General Collateral clearing offering under the existing triparty basket repo product Delivered in collaboration with Euroclear, the EUR denominated Investment Grade green bonds basket is based on market recognised ESG securities reference criteria The offering supports LSEG’s commitment to being a strategic enabler of sustainable growth through the provision of critical market infrastructure, data and analysis
Quantile and LCH ForexClear Deliver FX Smart Clearing
21 November 2023
FX Smart Clearing service enables participants to selectively clear FX Forwards via LCH ForexClear to significantly reduce capital requirements and counterparty risk. Quantile’s optimisation then ensures the risk reduction is achieved within the relevant IM and risk constraints. Developed in response to customer demand for solutions which simultaneously manage counterparty risk, initial margin and capital.
LCH welcomes UOB as member of SwapClear and ForexClear
03 October 2023
UOB successfully clears its first Interest Rate and FX Derivative trades as a direct member of LCH  LCH extends its presence in Asia Pacific with 15 APAC direct members and over 170 clients Strong growth recorded across LCH SwapClear and ForexClear in APAC with 24% and 41% growth year-on-year in number of trades cleared respectively
LCH RepoClear SA merges its RepoClear and €GCPlus services
05 July 2023
LCH SA, the European CCP based in Paris, has merged its core RepoClear Euro debt service with its general collateral €GCPlus service to provide alternative channels to access GC liquidity  The new combined service enables a unique point of access to the world’s largest Euro cleared liquidity pool with clearing members benefitting from a single membership, default fund and set of margins, and further netting opportunities The service went live on 3 July 2023