What We Clear

Cash bonds, repos and triparty basket repo products eligible for clearing at RepoClear

Our Cleared Products

Repo Trades

We clear repo trades on all markets listed below:

French debt

Including quasi-government CADES

Italian debt


Spanish debt


German debt

Including pfandbriefe, regional government bonds and agency

Belgian debt


Austrian debt


Finnish debt


Irish debt


Netherlands debt


Portuguese debt


Slovakian debt


Slovenian debt


Supranational debt

Including EIB and European Union bonds

Basket 1 (LCR equivalent)  
Basket 2 (ECB restricted)  
GovSSA basket  

Repo trades have the following characteristics:

Type: classic repo, excluding the Spanish market (Buy and Sell back)

Repo rate: fixed or variable for all markets, except Italy, Spain and triparty basket repos where only a fixed rate is accepted

Initial Settlement:  start date of the repo, which can be trade date (same-day repo) or any future date (forward start repo)

Return Settlement: end date of the Repo, which can be trade date +1 or any future settlement date

Eligible bond ISINs for Clearing

Cash Bonds

RepoClear SA clears cash bond trades of bonds issued by any of the above governments.

Initial Settlement: from trade date +1 to any future settlement date.


€GCPlus Triparty Basket Repo

€GCPlus triparty basket repo market enables our Clearing Members to access and clear secured Euro cash funding through standardised baskets of ECB eligible collateral debt securities.

When clearing €GCPlus triparty basket repos, members can pool collateral of specific criteria into the following baskets:

  • Basket 1: based on European Central Bank (ECB) High-Quality Liquid Assets which support Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) principles
  • Basket 2: covers an extended spectrum of ECB eligible securities
  • GovSSA basket: covers some Governments, Subnationals, Supranationals and Agencies bonds
  • Italian basket: includes Italian government bonds acceptable for bilateral RepoClear trades now offered under triparty
  • Green basket: our very first green offering delivered in partnership with Euroclear to support our members navigate through industry developments 

Once the trade basket is settled at Euroclear, Clearing members enjoy automated collateral management (provided by Euroclear) by having complete control over collateral reuse within Autoselect.

For further information on €GCPlus baskets, please send your request to repocleargroupsales@lch.com

Eligible ISINs for €GCPlus triparty baskets

Looking for information on whether a given debt security is eligible for inclusion in one of the €GCPlus triparty baskets and is acceptable for clearing? View €GCPlus list of eligible securities