Fraud alert

LCH is constantly seeking to ensure that its members and the wider market are protected against the consequences of all forms of potential fraud inflicted on or using the clearing house.

However, it has come to the company's notice that there have been recent cases where LCH headed paper and email addresses are being used to offer goods for sale. This type of fraud typically involves communication (usually via email) promising an amount of such goods against a deposit payment prior to delivery.  These offers generally purport to come from LCH, LCH USA, or a dormant company within the LCH corporate structure. 

LCH has particularly become aware of communications being sent in the name of in the name of Edward (Ed) H. Fitzgerald or Herbert Fitzgerald Edwards, relating to scrap metal.  LCH is also aware of communications sent in the name of LCH employees, purporting to be from LCH using the domain name

LCH has been informed that its logo has been used inappropriately by individuals using addresses such as,, seeking to collect money on behalf of LCH allegedly in relation to the provision of clearing services. These requests are not genuine.

These offers do not originate from any LCH company nor does anyone with this name work for any LCH company.  This activity has been reported to the appropriate Fraud Prevention authorities. 

LCH provides clearing services to financial and commodity sector corporate institutions only, and in the normal course of business does not arrange trades or money transfers directly with non-clearing members (including private individuals).

Any queries relating to suspicious transactions such as those described above should be brought to the attention of the Compliance department on