Business Continuity

LCH seeks to provide secure and efficient clearing services to clearing members and the markets in which they operate. To meet this goal, it is crucial that the highest priority be given to maintaining the continuity of clearing services. In support of this priority, LCH will seek to ensure the availability of its technical infrastructure, critical business applications and activities, office facilities and staff, in line with our regulatory obligations and in order to protect the interests of clearing members and its cleared markets.

The LCH Business Continuity Management (BCM) program, as outlined in the firm's BCM Policy, has been developed to provide continuity and timely recovery of its business operations in the event of a major incident or crisis, which impacts, or has the potential to impact business functions. Business Continuity Plans regularly reviewed and supported by Business Impact Assessments (BIA's), detail the local and regional recovery strategies of business operations in response to a variety of disruption scenarios. Details of the ability for the firm to recover technical infrastructure is contained within the firm's Disaster Recovery Plan. The recovery strategies in place are regularly tested and include alternate workplace arrangements, geographically diverse data centre's, remote working and the ability for cross regional hand off of business functions between regions.