LCH CommodityClear SA

LCH SA’s clearing service for listed commodities

Clearing Listed Commodities at LCH CommodityClear

LCH SA provides clearing services for Euronext derivatives markets in a broad range of commodity futures and options, including Corn, Milling Wheat, Durum Wheat and Rapeseed.

By clearing through CommodityClear, clearing members enjoy reduced credit risk, enhanced capital efficiencies and heightened operational resiliency from LCH’s reliable and secure systems.

Clearing your soft commodities and agricultural contracts at CommodityClear makes your business leaner, more efficient and safer.

CommodityClear SA - What We Clear

Members at CommodityClear have the ability to clear different soft commodity futures and options products listed on Euronext.


CommodityClear SA - Risk Management

All listed commodity futures and options cleared at CommodityClear benefit from LCH’s world class risk management procedures and state-of-the-art protections for both cleared positions and collateral posted against those trades. 

CommodityClear SA - Fees

The cost to protect your trades by clearing at CommodityClear.


CommodityClear SA - Volumes

In this section you can access derivatives price and volume information for Euronext-listed commodities cleared at CommodityClear

CommodityClear SA - Essentials

On this page you’ll find technical details about the various components that make CommodityClear work.

CommodityClear SA - Team

CommodityClear’s dedicated team stands ready to assist you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.