Everything you need to know about clearing your trades at EquityClear SA

Clearing Trades at EquityClear

EquityClear SA offers its members the ability to clear equities and derivatives from a number of different exchanges and execution venues.

Despite the inevitable variation that exists in transaction processes and procedures at each of our trading platform partners, LCH has developed a single harmonious trade workflow to seamlessly guide our member’s trades into EquityClear and through to settlement in the most efficient manner possible.

In order to value the Margins, EquityClear SA and CommodityClear SA use the prices provided by relevant Regulated Markets or Trading & Matching Platforms as mentioned in Instruction I.3.4 and data providers.


Trade Workflow

All transactions that are submitted to EquityClear SA are registered on a real time basis in its clearing system in the name of the Clearing Member. Upon registration novation occurs.

The cash clearing system is open for the registration of trades between 9:00am CET to 5:40pm CET. On receipt and confirmation of eligible transactions into the clearing system, trades are governed under the rules of the LCH SA Rulebook.

For transactions registered in the cash clearing system margins are required to cover the liquidation risk, and the negotiation risk. The calculations are made using SPAN ®.

Members of LCH SA are eligible to clear products subject to approval.

Buy In

LCH will repurchase the following securities (equities, right, coupon...) for immediate delivery.

The date mentioned in the first column refers to the buy-in positions triggered yesterday and published by LCH this current business day.

20/04/2018 TSS EB SPDR MSCI W INDUST IE00BYTRRC02 IE00BYTRRC02 4800.000 39.402 EUR
20/04/2018 TSS EBE NYRSTAR BE0974294267 BE0974294267 4887.000 7.23 EUR
20/04/2018 TSS ENL INGGROEP FRNPL NL0000113587 NL0000113587 100000.000 113.88 EUR
20/04/2018 TSS EB TETRAGON FIN GRP GG00B1RMC548 GG00B1RMC548 15922.000 15.42 USD
20/04/2018 TSS EF BNPP Stoxx Auto FR0010018333 FR0010018333 6.000 966.12 EUR
20/04/2018 TSS EF GENERAL ELECTRIC US3696041033 NSCFR000GNE8 118.000 14.256 EUR
20/04/2018 TSS EF LYXOR ETF DAX DS2 FR0010869495 FR0010869495 247281.000 4.734 EUR
20/04/2018 TSS ENL VANGUARD EURCORPBD IE00BZ163G84 IE00BZ163G84 358.000 62.448 EUR

For any information, please contact your Trading or Clearing member to make your offer. As direct member of LCH SA you can immediately contact the operational department in Paris : +33 1 70 37 42 92

or the local LCH Branch in Brussels :  +32 2 274 55 03
or in Amsterdam : +31 20 524 5968
or in Porto : +351 22 615 84 59

Finanical listed derivatives - Trade Workflow and Submission

EquityClear’s clearing service for financial derivatives operates through the Derivatives Clearing System. Once trades are matched on the Euronext platform, registration of matched transactions presented to LCH occurs on a real time basis.

The Derivatives Clearing System is open for the registration of trades between 07.30 CET and 20.00 CET. On receipt and confirmation of eligible transactions into the Derivatives Clearing System, trades are governed under the rules of the LCH SA Rulebook

Once the positions at the end of the trading day have been determined, LCH calculates the premiums, initial margin and variation margin to be paid or received by each clearer. After the exercise/assignment of products for cash settlement, an amount is to be received or paid by the Clearing Member Firm.

Members of Euronext and LCH are eligible to clear products subject to approval. More information on becoming a member of LCH SA can be found here.

LCH website is currently being re-designed – EquityClear SA pages may be amended in the coming weeks.