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Committed to Europe
21 June 2022
Find out how LCH SwapClear helps its market partners in Europe achieve significant capital and operational efficiencies. 
ForexClear May 2022 Highlights
15 June 2022
With market participants continuing to see margin, capital and operational efficiencies from FX Clearing, LCH ForexClear saw sustained growth in total notional cleared, record FX options and client clearing volumes in May. See our latest dashboard for highlights. 
EquityClear – Open Access, Pan-European Clearing for Equities
23 May 2022
LCH Ltd’s pan-European clearing solution for equities provides connectivity to a wide choice of trading venues through Open Access. 
ForexClear April 2022 Highlights
19 May 2022
LCH ForexClear continues to see strong growth in FX Clearing, with members and clients driving notable year-on-year increases in total notional cleared, FX options notional and client clearing notional in April. See our latest dashboard for highlights.
SwapClear Inflation Swap Highlights - Q1 2022
11 May 2022
The current macroeconomic inflation outlook is driving increased participation in inflation swap clearing and record notional at LCH SwapClear, delivering new opportunities for margin and netting efficiencies and capital optimisation. See our Q1 2022 dashboard for highlights.
ForexClear – A Global Leader
03 May 2022
LCH’s solution for non-deliverable and deliverable FX, delivering unmatched capital, margin and operational efficiencies.
SwapClear Global Highlights - Q1 2022
03 May 2022
In Q1 2022, LCH SwapClear saw significant growth in total notional cleared and client clearing activity, driven by members and clients, who benefit from access to the deepest pool of global OTC interest rate swap liquidity. See our latest dashboard for highlights. 
SwapAgent Q1 2022 Highlights
27 April 2022
By creating new opportunities to increase efficiencies for non-cleared OTC derivatives markets, LCH SwapAgent saw significant growth in new trade average daily volume, reaching $10.2 bn in Q1 2022. See our latest dashboard for highlights.
ForexClear March 2022 Highlights
25 April 2022
As interest in FXclearing continues to grow, LCH ForexClear is seeing record activity. In Q1/22, our members and clients drove new highs in cleared FX volume across our non-deliverable NDFclearing, options and client clearing services. See our latest dashboard for highlights.
RepoClear – Delivering Market Choice
25 April 2022
RepoClear helps participants achieve capital and operational efficiencies through access to deep liquidity and netting pools.