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FX Forwards and Swaps ( September 2021)
06 September 2021
LCH’s KY Chong and James Shanahan discuss the impact of regulatory reform on the FX market landscape and the benefits of clearing.
Managing the Transition to RFRs
06 September 2021
Find out how the SwapClear conversion process enables members and clients to manage a smooth transition from IBORs to RFRs.
Sponsored Clearing
27 August 2021
Sponsored Clearing unlocks capacity and expands buy-side access to clearing, enabling multilateral netting efficiencies. 
Inflation Swap Highlights - H1 2021
23 August 2021
LCH’s innovative #clearing solution for #inflation swaps at SwapClear supports global inflation trading and execution trends. In H1 2021, SwapClear saw record growth in clearing volumes and client participation across EUR, GBP and USD. 
Inflation Swap Clearing
19 August 2021
As the first CCP to introduce inflation swap clearing, LCH leads the way to even greater efficiencies and capital optimisation. 
ForexClear July 2021 Highlights
17 August 2021
LCH ForexClear made a strong start to Q3 2021, with continued growth in non-deliverable volumes & client clearing trades. Later this month, FX SMART will be expanded to support new account structures’ features.
SwapAgent Q2 2021 Highlights
11 August 2021
LCH SwapAgent continued its strong growth trajectory in Q2, with new XCCY trade registrations up 146% on Q1 and $2.7trn notional registered at the end of the quarter.
Credit Index Options Clearing
09 August 2021
CDSClear is the only CCP to clear CIO, enabling members to reduce risk, and increase capital and operational efficiencies.