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LCH Ltd EquityClear H2 2021 Highlights
20 January 2022
LCH works closely with its market partners to deliver innovation in equities clearing. In H2 2021, LCH Ltd EquityClear hit a number of key milestones, including the launch of clearing for SGD- and HKD-denominated ETFs. See our latest dashboard for more highlights. 
RepoClear Q4 2021 Highlights
19 January 2022
By working in partnership with the market, LCH RepoClear has continued to innovate and unlock opportunities for members and clients, leading to record nominal and trade sides cleared in 2021. See our Q4 dashboard for the latest RepoClear highlights and developments. 
SwapClear Global Highlights - Q4 2021
18 January 2022
Q4 2021 rounded off another strong year for LCH SwapClear, with robust clearing volumes and client clearing activity, and the successful completion of our LIBOR to RFR conversion process. See our Q4 2021 dashboard for highlights. 
€GCPlus – A More Efficient Way to Manage Cash
05 January 2022
Our triparty basket repo clearing service enables greater capital and operational efficiencies, and better liquidity management. 
ForexClear November 2021 Highlights
20 December 2021
LCH ForexClear had a record month for deliverable FX clearing in November, driven by increased FX Options activity, with our non-deliverable service also seeing growth in volumes. We also launched connectivity to FXall, expanding access to cleared workflows for OTCFX trades. See our latest dashboard for highlights.
ForexClear October 2021 Highlights
18 November 2021
LCH ForexClear had a strong start to Q4, with an increase in trades cleared across both our non-deliverable and client clearing services in October. See our latest dashboard for highlights.
Managing the Transition to RFRs
04 November 2021
Find out how the SwapClear conversion process enables members and clients to manage a smooth transition from IBORs to RFRs.