Approved Trade Source Systems

SwapClear transactions must be submitted to LCH for clearing via an Approved Trade Source System (as defined in the applicable LCH rulebook).  

Below is a list of Approved Trade Source Systems for SwapClear:

  • MarkitWire*
  • Bloomberg LP* (Bloomberg VCON)
  • Bloomberg SEF
  • Bloomberg Trading Facility Ltd
  • DWSEF LLC ( DealerWeb SEF )
  • TWSEF LLC ( TradeWeb SEF)
  • TradeWeb Europe Ltd
  • Tera Exchange
  • Traiana*

*middleware providers


Execution Venues and Connectivity

SwapClear is able to receive matched trades from a number of execution venues, including Swap Execution Facilities (SEF), Derivatives Contract Markets (DCM), Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) or Organized Trading Facility (OTF) . These execution venues may connect via SwapClear's proprietary direct connectivity platform as an Approved Trade Source System, or connect indirectly via a middleware provider that is an Approved Trade Source System, such as MarkitWire or Traiana.