SwapClear is always working to make the global clearing experience better and more efficient.

We have developed a series of innovative enhancements to maximise the efficiencies Clearing Members and their clients can achieve in their cleared portfolios - from blended rate compression to portfolio margining. And we have more game-changing ideas in the pipeline.

Here are some of the new tools and services enhancements our team has recently developed. 


Compression is the kind of pressure that your swap portfolio is pleased to find itself under.

Compression is the process of combining or offsetting trades with compatible economics, reducing the number of line items in your portfolio and the notional outstanding value of your cleared positions.

Fewer line items in your portfolio means fewer trade reconciliations, more efficient portfolio transfers and even the potential to lower your capital requirements. In short, compression squeezes value out of your cleared positions at SwapClear.

Customer Protection

At SwapClear we understand that peace of mind is important to you when it comes to the protection of your assets.

Whether you are clearing in Europe or the US, SwapClear delivers a number of innovative segregation options enabling you to determine for yourself the level of protection your assets and positions receive, from commingling your positions with other clients, to completely segregating your assets.