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Your partner for credit clearing
13 June 2024
LCH CDSClear offers further choice for credit clearing in the US, providing access to established liquidity and the broadest range of CDS products eligible for clearing of any CCP globally. Learn about the benefits of partnering with us in our factsheet.
EquityClear Ltd factsheet
05 June 2024
EquityClear is LCH Ltd’s pan-European clearing service for equities and ETFs. Through our continued collaboration with market partners we have developed innovative solutions that enhance customers’ risk management and mitigate systemic risk, while continuing to deliver operational and settlement efficiencies. LCH EquityClear’s rigorous risk management framework and resilient technology has been tried and tested during periods of extreme volatility and stress. See our factsheet for more details.
ForexClear April 2024 highlight
20 May 2024
With market participants continuing to see margin, capital and operational efficiencies from FX Clearing, LCH ForexClear saw significant growth in April 2024 with new records in FX Options volume and FX Options average daily volume (ADV), and year-on-year increases in client NDF ADV. See our April dashboard for highlights.
CDSClear Q1 2024 highlights
03 May 2024
LCH CDSClear offers access to the broadest range of credit products eligible for clearing, enabling members and clients to reduce risk and costs of their entire credit derivatives portfolio, and increase capital, margin and operational efficiencies. In Q1 2024, the service recorded €240bn in client notional cleared, an increase of 62% (vs Q1 2023), with 212 client global entities across 1,707 accounts now clearing at LCH CDSClear. See our Q1 2024 dashboard for highlights.
SwapClear Q1 2024 highlights
29 April 2024
By providing access to the deepest pool of OTC interest rate swap liquidity, LCH SwapClear enables members and clients to benefit from significant capital and operational efficiencies. Their participation continues to drive sustained growth, with the service seeing record notional and client notional cleared in Q1 2024. See our Q1 2024 dashboard for highlights. 
RepoClear Q1 2024 highlights
18 April 2024
LCH RepoClear continues to partner with the market to innovate and to unlock new opportunities for members and clients to benefit from multilateral netting and settlement efficiencies. As a result, the service saw significant growth in Q1 2024, with record volumes complementing the delivery of new products. See our dashboard and developments at LCH RepoClear.
SwapAgent Q1 2024 highlights
17 April 2024
SwapAgent continues to see significant growth in volumes and participation, with new trade average daily value up by 52% and notional registered up 75% year over year as of the end of Q1 2024. This is enabling even more users to benefit from increased standardisation, efficiency and simplicity in the bilateral OTC derivatives market. See our Q1 2024 dashboard for highlights.
ForexClear March 2024 highlights
16 April 2024
LCH ForexClear continues its upward growth trend, with a 36% increase in total service average daily volume (ADV) to US$131bn in Q1 2024 vs Q1 2023. The service also saw record highs in non-deliverable forwards (NDF) ADV, FX options ADV and client NDF ADV clearing in the first quarter of 2024, as market participants continue to benefit from the margin, capital and operational efficiencies FX clearing enables. See our dashboard for highlights.
ForexClear overview factsheet
12 April 2024
ForexClear delivers unmatched capital and operational efficiencies, including the flexibility and choice of both US and European clearing models. 
ForexClear – A Global Leader
12 April 2024
LCH’s solution for non-deliverable and deliverable FX, delivering unmatched capital, margin and operational efficiencies.