Changes to the LCH.Clearnet Limited Rulebook – Custodial Segregated Account

Report date

Circular No.

LCH LTD Circular No 3646, SwapClear Circular No 142


1st September 2015


All LCH.Clearnet SwapClear


Following the Rule Change Committee of 28 August 2015, LCH.Clearnet Limited is making a number of rulebook changes available on its secure website.

Pursuant to the European Market infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), rulebook changes that are deemed ‘material' are subject to clearing member consultation.

The following ‘material' rulebook changes are being made available for consultation for the time periods shown below:

Custodial Segregated Account – 4 weeks consultation

In connection with this consultation, LCH.Clearnet Limited is making black-line versions of the following sections of the rulebook available on its secure website (which show the changes required for the Custodial Segregated Account against the most recent version of these documents):

(i) General Regulations;
(ii) Default Rules;
(iii) Procedures, section 2C;
(iv) Procedures, section 3; and
(v) Procedures, section 4.

In addition, a summary explaining both the rulebook changes and Custodial Segregated Account are available on the secure website of LCH.Clearnet Limited.

Clearing members that wish to comment on the consultation drafts should email

If you have any general questions on the rulebook changes, please contact your usual LCH.Clearnet Limited contact.

Please note that all rulebook changes remain subject to regulatory approval.

Accessing the Secure Area of the LCH.Clearnet Limited Website:

The proposed changes to the rulebook can be found on the secure area within the folder ‘Rulebook'.


Members with an Existing Secure Area Account:

Log-in here

Request access to the ‘Rulebook' area here

In the "Organisation" section, please provide the full legal entity name of your firm.

Log-in details will follow via e-mail.


Members Without a Secure Area Account:

Request access to the ‘Rulebook' here

In the "Organisation" section please provide the full legal entity name of your firm.

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