CMS Enhancement – Real Time Concentration Limit Checks

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 4297


4 March 2024


All LCH Ltd Members


We are pleased to communicate an enhancement in the Collateral Management System (CMS) scheduled for deployment on 11th March 2024. From this date, Clearing Members will be able to view the Collateral Headroom Limit in the security lodge screen.

The Collateral Headroom Limit is the maximum value of the ISIN that can be lodged, in accordance with the Non Cash concentration limits and the individual ISIN limits already in enforcement.

As a result of the change, members will be able to ensure their proposed lodge will not breach any non cash limits at the point of entry, resulting in a faster and more streamlined process for lodging non cash collateral. The benefits include increased transparency on the member’s available headroom against the limits, and reduced rejections.

Please see the below file for further details, including a visual representation of the updated screen
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For confirmation of the non cash concentration limits that apply, please view the below web page
LCH Ltd Acceptable Securities | LCH Group

For any further questions, please contact
Collateral Client Services Team