Collateral Operations – Update on Changes to Billing, Settlement and Reporting of Collateral Fees

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 3769


9th August 2016


All LCH Clearing Members


LCH would like to provide an update to LCH Circular No 3735 published on 24th May 2016.

LCH can now confirm that sample reports reflecting the changes introduced by the project have been published to the MemWeb Test and Member Portal Test environments.

The aim of the testing is to allow members to:

  1. Consume the new and revised reports into member systems
  2. Retrieve the new and revised reports from members specific subfolders

Reports will be published in folder locations displayed below:

For the purpose of testing, the report names will be prefixed with ‘BC_’, this is to prevent the reports being overwritten in the test environment.

Reporting Changes following LCH Circular No 3735

Changes to the sample reporting files provided in the member circular have been noted below. These have arisen following our development and testing processes.

REP00017a – Client Deposit Rates Report

  • This report will continue to provide the Client Deposit Rate (Base rate minus Spread) until 31st December 2016. This will allow our members additional time to transition to the new reports and make necessary system changes.
  • PLEASE NOTE: REP00017 will be changing from 1st September 2016, and will only report the respective currency base rate (SONIA/EONIA/FED Rate).

REP00029 – Yesterdays Postings Total

  • This report currently records yesterdays’ aggregate cover postings.
  • There are no changes to be made to this report.

 REP00041 – Monthly Collateral Fee Report

  • Column “Account Description” has been removed from the report.
  • Null values within this report were previously recorded as ‘#EMPTY’ instead these will now be recorded as null values.

The Member Impact Analysis has been updated to reflect these changes and can be accessed here.

If you require any further information or have any questions please contact:

Collateral Client Services
+44 (0) 20 7426 7505