EquityClear to Include NASDAQ Nordic Exchanges

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 3665

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EquityClear Circular No 36


12th October 2015

To: All EquityClear Members

Dear Member,

Following today’s NASDAQ Nordic exchange announcement,

we are delighted to inform you that from Monday 23 November 2015 LCH.Clearnet we will offer clearing services for Nasdaq Nordic cash equity markets in Denmark, Finland and Sweden subject to the necessary regulatory consent or approval from the regulators of NASDAQ Nordic exchange.  

Nasdaq Nordic will allow trading members to start testing on their platform from 26 October 2015, and from that date LCH.Clearnet will produce test files to the relevant clearing member upon request.

This is an important step in our efforts to continue to expand our venues and markets coverage and to bring further netting and cost efficiencies to EquityClear members.

If members wish to test the service or require further information relating to interoperability for the Nordic markets please contact Ian Mackenzie Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7426 7265 / Email: ian.mackenzie@lchclearnet.com or Tim Beckwith Tel: + 44 (0) 207 426 7276 Email: tim.beckwith@lchclearnet.com

Yours Sincerely

Vikesh Patel, COO, Equities LCH.Clearnet