EquityClear Reporting Enhancement

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 3546

Service Circular No.

EquityClear Circular No 18


19 November 2014


EquityClear Reporting enhancement


Dear Member

We would like to inform you that we intend to implement a change to Member Report  EREP0006e – Netting – Gross Trades for Gross & Net Settlement EOD.txt.

Currently, where a full net settlement instruction is shown on EREP0005, the corresponding LCH Reference is shown on the constituent gross trades on EREP0006e. However, where the settlement instructions are created as aggregates the constituent gross trades only show ‘[shaped]' as the LCH Reference on EREP0006e.

From February 2015, (exact date to be confirmed) we will populate the LCH Reference field in EREP0006e with the LCH settlement reference ID of the associated aggregate settlement instruction in EREP0005.

We hope this enhancement will assist you with your daily reconciliations.

Please note that the LCH Reference on EREP0006 will still be set to ‘[shaped]' where shaping of a calculated net or aggregate is required, which is currently only for settlements in SIX SIS with a consideration greater than CHF100m.

For further information relating to the EquityClear service please contact Ian Mackenzie Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7426 7265 or Email: ian.mackenzie@lchclearnet.com


Yours Sincerely

Roland Chai, Director, Head of Equities, LCH.Clearnet Ltd