Extension of GBP cash window for intraday PPS Calls

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 3793


12th October 2016


All LCH Ltd Clearing Members


Dear Member,

At LCH, we are constantly looking to expand our services so that we can provide members with better ways of delivering collateral.

That’s why we are pleased to announce that from 31st October 2016, members can now provide GBP cash until 16.00 (London time), an extension of 1h 30mins on the previous cut-off.  This has been made possible by the recent extension to the CHAPS day.

Members whose current preference is GBP for intraday margin calls will now be called in this currency until 16:00 and then switch to paying USD from their New York accounts.

If, as a result of the revised cut-off, you would like to change your intraday margin call preference currency to GBP to benefit from the extended window you can do so here


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Kind regards,

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