Fee Reminder Effective 1st October 2015

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 3662

Service Circular No.

SwapClear Circular No 144


8th October 2015


Further to the go-live of clearing of Inflation Swaps (ZCIIS) on 1st April 2015, we wish to inform Members of the end of the six month fee waiver.

We would also like to bring to Members attention the rebranding of the Swapclear fee schedule.

The Introductory Tariff will be renamed the Bronze tariff, the Standard tariff will be renamed the Silver tariff and the Ultimate tariff will be renamed the Gold tariff.

In addition there will be a new Platinum tariff which will allow a Gold tariff member to pay a fixed fee which will include any Inflation Swaps they may choose to clear

The full details may be found on our website or through this link