GBP & AUD Currency Holidays Announced

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 4223


12 September 2022


All LCH Ltd Participants


Clearing participants are advised that the following currency holidays have been confirmed: 

  • GBP Currency Holiday: Monday 19th September 2022
  • AUD Currency Holiday: Thursday 22nd September 2022 

Accordingly, the 2022 Service Opening Table and LCH Ltd recognised currency holidays for 2022 have been updated to reflect these changes. Please note that further currency holidays could be announced. Any further currency holiday updates will be communicated via this channel.

Please note that overnight margin calls will still be applicable for all participants, and LCH Limited will be following the usual processes for GBP/AUD holidays on these days as outlined in the Collateral FAQs.


For further information, please contact the below:

Collateral Client Services

Nick McMillan
UK Head of Collateral Operations and Client Services


N.B. Please note that the content of this Circular is subject to regulatory review.

Terms used in this circular and not defined in this circular shall have the meaning assigned in the LCH Rulebook (available at