LCH and Voltage SecureMail

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 3792


10th October 2016


All LCH Ltd Clearing Members


Further to LCH’s commitment to ensure confidentiality of data we would like to advise members we have implemented a Voltage SecureMail solution to provide end-to-end security for e-mail and attachments when LCH communicates and transfers data.

If you receive a secure email from LCH, you will see an HTML attachment (“message_zdm.html”).  Clicking on the HTML attachment will provide access to the Zero Download Messenger interface to read the encrypted body of the original message and any attachments.

You will need to authenticate yourself using a prompt after clicking on the HTML link, which will send a validation email, or if you have been previously registered you will be asked for your existing username and password.  Once authenticated, the secure email received will be decrypted and can be viewed using your web browser over secure connection.  

Changes/Action Required:

Some members may experience issues accessing and viewing secure email content due to your organisations’ internal security architecture or configuration. LCH strongly recommends that members contact their Technology teams to confirm that Voltage SecureMail is configured appropriately to receive LCH information. For example configuration changes may be needed to firewall rules.

Access to SecureMail should be tested by your technology team to ensure that your employees are able to access the mail service.

Please see the attached LCH Secure Email Guidance document for more specifics around accessing messages and FAQs, or contact or call +44 207 426 7200.