LCH Limited – Changes to Backload Cycle Times

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 3851 & SwapClear Circular No 155


23rd March 2017


All LCH Ltd Clearing Members


Please be advised, effective 27 March 2017, and in accordance with the Rulebook, the Clearing House will (i) run Backload Registration Cycles on United States bank holidays that fall on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and (ii) change the times at which it runs Backload Registration Cycles. The table below sets forth the current and revised schedule.

Day Current Revised
Trade Submission Deadline Trade Registration (approx) Trade Submission Deadline Trade Registration (approx)
 Monday – Wednesday 12:00 London time                    13:00 London time                    11:30 London time                    15:00 London time                   
Thursday 19:30 London time                    20:30 London time                    16:00 London time                    18:00 London time                   
Friday No Cycle 16:00 London time   18:00 London time


If you have any questions please contact SwapClear Client Services at

All times are approximate. Clearing members will be notified of subsequent changes to these timings via Clearing Member Circular. Terms used in this circular and not defined in this circular have the meaning assigned to such in the Rulebook. For the purposes of this circular, ‘Rulebook’ includes the ‘FCM Rulebook’.

All times are London times.