LCH Limited (LCH) EquityClear Service: CSDR Update

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 4157


02 June 2021


All LCH Limited EquityClear Clearing Members


Dear EquityClear Member


Further to our communications regarding the implementation of the CSDR settlement discipline regime, which is scheduled to enter into force on 1 February 2022, we would like to remind our members of the information relevant to this that is available within the LCH website at


The CSDR - LCH Ltd EquityClear Service Description published on 6 July 2020 remains unchanged and contains relevant information pertaining to changes undertaken by LCH and the subsequent impact on members.


To support you in any changes that need to be made to your internal processes and procedures, we would like to inform you that testing of our changes will be made available to all members during Q4 2021. The exact dates will be communicated in due course.


We hope you find the information useful, If you have any questions, please contact


Yours sincerely


Securities Client Services Team