LCH Limited (“LCH”) Rule Change Committee of 7 March 2018 - Proposed Changes to the LCH Rulebook

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 3935


13th March 2018

To: All LCH Ltd Members

Following LCH’s Rule Change Committee of 7 March 2018, LCH is proposing the following rulebook changes, which are available on its secure website at under the folder “Rulebook.”

Rulebook Changes - Consultation

The following rulebook changes are being made available for a consultation period of four weeks.


Services Impacted

Listed Interest Rates Default Fund Contributions

SwapClear, Listed Rates

Inflation Reporting Thresholds


Rates Service DMG – Composition and Roles

SwapClear, Listed Rates

Rulebook Changes – Notification


Services Impacted

MiFIR – Indirect Gross Accounts

All Services

Clearing members that wish to comment on the proposed rulebook changes should email If you have any general questions on rulebook changes, please contact your usual LCH contact. Please note that all rulebook changes remain subject to regulatory approval and internal LCH risk approval.