LCH Ltd – 2017 Service Opening Table - Update

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 3900


2nd November 2017


All LCH Ltd members


Please be advised that LCH Ltd (LCH) has updated the 2017 Service Opening Table detailed in LCH Circular No 3684.

NLX has been removed from the table due to its closure earlier this year.

LDM Curve Global as an exchange remains closed for trade registration on Boxing Day 2017, however it will be open as a clearing service. Margin calls can therefore be issued on Boxing Day 2017 and PPS accounts will therefore need to be funded if a margin call was calculated.

For this reason the LCH Ltd 2017 Service Opening Table has been updated to reflect LDM Curve Global is open on Boxing Day 2017.

Updated 2017 Service Opening Table


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