LCH Ltd EquityClear Service enhancement

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 4015


April 1, 2019


LCH Ltd EquityClear Clearing Members


Dear Member


We are pleased to advise that, with immediate effect, the LCH Ltd (LCH) EquityClear service offers its general clearing members (each, a GCM) assistance to suspend the trading of a GCM’s non-clearing participant (NCP) on a trading venue, as outlined in section 1.2.4 of Section 1 of the LCH Procedures (

 The suspension form relating to this (Suspension Form) can be found on the LCH website:

Please note, where a GCM has a direct relationship with the relevant trading venue (i.e. it is a member or participant of the trading venue), the GCM should contact the trading venue directly regarding suspension and does not need to use the Suspension Form.

 This is another important step in supporting our members to efficiently manage their clearing services.


For further details, please contact Ian Mackenzie Tel: + 44 (0) 207 426 7265.





Yours sincerely,


Bruce Kellaway, Global Head of RepoClear & Collateral, Head of Ltd EquityClear