LCH Ltd EquityClear service extension - TP ICAP MTF

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13 July 2022


All LCH Limited EquityClear Clearing Members


Dear Member


We are pleased to announce that from 18 July 2022, and subject to regulatory approval, we intend to offer clearing services for trades executed on TP ICAP MTF across all interoperable securities.


TP ICAP MTF covers the following segments and instruments


  • TP ICAP MTF UK – Shares
  • TP ICAP MTF EU – Shares


Our EquityClear service offers Clearing Members and their clients the opportunity to reduce clearing fees by including additional flow into the discounted global fee tariff, whilst providing the ability to reduce settlements through cross-venue netting.  Clearing Members will also benefit from full margin offsets across all trading venues.


If you or your clients would like additional information relating the TP ICAP MTF offering, please contact:


For further information relating to the LCH Ltd EquityClear service please contact:



Yours Sincerely

Ivan Gilmore, Head of Cash Equities, LCH Ltd and SA.