LCH Ltd EquityClear Service, Termination of NCP

Report date

Circular No.

LCH Circular No 4246


12 January 2023


All LCH Ltd EquityClear Members


Dear LCH Ltd EquityClear Member,

This is a reminder of the process for the termination of a Non-Clearing Participant (NCP):

1.2.3 of Procedures Section 1 (Clearing Member, Non-Member Market, Participant and Dealer Status) requires a General Clearing Member (GCM) to provide 21 days’ written notice to terminate the appointment of an NCP. This should be provided to Exchange(s) or Approved EquityClear Trading Platform(s) (as applicable) and to the Clearing House.  In the case of an EquityClear NCP, this written communication must be sent to relevant contacts within the EquityClear service - &

If a GCM has not followed the procedure laid out in 1.2.3 of Procedures Section 1 then the appointment remains valid and LCH will continue to levy associated NCP membership fees until such time as written notice is received and 21 days have elapsed.

Yours Sincerely

Client Service Team